Hot or Cold? The 5º Celsius rule to know what to wear

If you are like me, you already found yourself in the uncomfortable situation of not knowing which clothes to bring for a trip, or what to bring for the day, if you live in a region with high temperature variations. For this, I have devised an empirical method, which I have called “the 5º Celsius rule”. It has been tested for the past 5 years and proved to be quite effective.

A caveat here: since I’m the only male subject to this model, there’s no statistical validity, so you’ll probably need to adapt it according to the workings of your body. For example, I guesstimate that for females, it would be the “4º Celsius rule”.

Anyway, here’s the 5ºC rule:

“You are at 25ºC, wearing shorts and T-shirt. For each decrease of 5ºC, you add another piece of clothing”

This rule is for a condition without any wind, so in more details:

  • 25°C : You are wearing shorts and T-shirt
  • 20°C : You either put some pants or a sweater
  • 15°C : You put the one missing from above (pants or sweater)
  • 10°C :  You’ll need a coat
  • 5°C : Gloves and a tuque (knit cap)
  • 0°C : Long underwear
  • <0°C : Get away from this place! (LOL)

So there you have it. Now you know how to fill your suitcase for your next trip =)